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Journal of Environment & Sustainable Agriculture (JESA) is an international, peer-reviewed, open-access journal published by Science and Education Centre of North America. JESA is a multidisciplinary journal concerned with all aspects on interactions which occur between agricultural, food, forest development and environment, specifically how agricultural activities influence the environment, how changes in that environment impact agro-ecosystems, and how to secure and promote sustainability in agriculture, food and forest systems. Its purpose is to seek ways and means for achieving sustainability in all agricultural activities aimed at such development. The scopes of the journal include, but are not limited to, the following topics:

Authors are encouraged to submit complete unpublished and original works, which are not under review in any other journals. Manuscripts submitted to this journal will be reviewed by internationally recognized experts in the appropriate fields. The journal is published in both print and online versions. The online versions are free access and download.

Journal of Environment & Sustainable Agriculture

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e-Version First is a feature offered through our journal platform. It allows PDF version of manuscripts that have been peer reviewed and accepted, to be hosted online prior to their inclusion in a final printed journal. Readers can freely access or cite the article.
We aim to publish accepted manuscripts in e-Version First within a week after the final draft completed.


Today Science and Journal of Environment & Sustainable Agriculture have a policy of "Zero Tolerance on the Plagiarism". We check the plagiarism issue through two methods: reviewer check and plagiarism prevention tool (
All submissions will be checked by iThenticate before being sent to reviewers.

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