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Volume 1 (2013), No. 1, Pages 17-44

DOI: 10.12735/as.v1i1p17

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Vermiculture for Organic Horticulture: Producing Chemical-Free, Nutritive and Health Protective Foods by Earthworms

Rajiv K. Sinha1  Brijalkumar K. Soni2  Sunita Agarwal3  Binod Shankar4  George Hahn5 

1Griffith School of Engineering (Environment), Griffith University, Australia
2Vermiculture Projects (Griffith University), Australia
3Department of Domestic Sciences, University of Rajasthan, Jaipur, India
4Department of Environment & Water Management, A.N. College, Patna, India
5California Vermiculture (

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Earthworms have fed the world as ‘farm managers’ since mankind arrived on earth. Earthworm's vermicompost is scientifically proving to be an ‘extraordinary powerful growth promoters and protectors’ for crops (5-7 times over other bulky organic fertilizers and 20-40 % higher over chemical fertilizers). They are rich in NKP, micronutrients, beneficial soil microbes like ‘nitrogen-fixing’ and ‘phosphate solubilizing’ bacteria, ‘mycorrhizal fungi’, humus and growth hormones – auxins, gibberlins and cytokinins. It has very high ‘porosity’, ‘aeration’, ‘drainage’ and ‘water holding capacity’. It also protects plants against various pests and diseases either by suppressing or repelling them or by inducing biological resistance in plants. ‘Vermiwash’ (liquid from the body of worms) and the ‘vermicompost tea’ (solution of vermicompost) also work as very ‘powerful bio-pesticides’ eliminating the use of toxic chemical pesticides. Presence of live earthworms in soils has been found to significantly influence the development of quality of fruits in vegetable & fruit crops.

Earthworms and vermicompost can boost horticultural production without agrochemicals. It will provide several social, economic and environmental benefits to the society by way of producing ‘chemical-free’ safe, ‘nutritive and health protective’ (rich in minerals & antioxidants) foods (even against some forms of cancers) for the people; salvaging human wastes and replacing the dangerous ‘agrochemicals’ from the face of earth. Use of vermicompost in farms also ‘sequester’ huge amounts of atmospheric carbon (assimilated by green plants during photosynthesis) and bury them back into the soil improving the soil fertility, preventing erosion or compaction and also reducing greenhouse gas & mitigating global warming.

Keywords: earthworms and vermicompost promotes high crop yield; vermicompost protects plants from pests and diseases; vermicompost enhance antioxidants in fruits and vegetables protective against cancers and heart diseases; use of vermicompost sequester carbon

To Cite this Article: Sinha, R. K., Soni, B. K., Agarwal, S., Shankar, B., & Hahn, G. (2013). Vermiculture for Organic Horticulture: Producing Chemical-Free, Nutritive & Health Protective Foods by Earthworms. Agricultural Science, 1(1), 17-44.

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Vermiculture for Organic Horticulture: Producing Chemical-Free, Nutritive and Health Protective Foods by Earthworms